Who Sang Undertow? Holly Starr

Release information
Release Date: 2010
length: 3:05

Addicted to this habit, I pretend that I don't have it
Right now it's hurting more than ever before
I fall down, I'm gonna hit the bottom floor
I can't do this anymore

This isn't easy, fighting these feelings
I try but I'm caught in the undertow
You are my rescue, I'm numb from my black and blue
I try but I'm caught in the undertow
Pull me up out of the undertow

Break down what I can't let go
Shut out the fears that haunt
Times up, I can't hold my breath anymore
Speak now, your words will bring me back to the shore

CD 1
  • 1 Undertow
  • 2 Surrender
  • 3 Take Me as I Am
  • 4 What Is Love
  • 5 Come Close
  • 6 I'll Watch You Dance
  • 7 My Cry
  • 8 Holding on to You
  • 9 I Love You Anyway
  • 10 Psalm 23