Who Sang It's Funny? Holly Throsby

Release information
Release Date: 2011-2-18
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock
length: 3:49

It's funny
Oh to be, oh to be a century
With the people I see go by
I should die, I should die of the oddity
See, I can't believe my eyes
I can't believe my eyes

The morning
When you walked, when you walked me to the door
And kicked me to the curb
I might get as high, get as high as the clircling birds
Who are lost for words - so nice
To be lost for words, is so nice!

Tongue-tied, tongue-tied
Tongue-tied, tongue-tied
Two-timed, two-timed
Tongue-tied, tongue-tied

It's funny
Oh to know, oh to know in my very bones
That you're tryuly gona
Outside - where it's wild, where it's wild
Where people drift apart like snow
And see everything differently

Tongue-tied, tongue-tied
Tongue-tied, tongue-tied
Too tired, too gone
Goodbye, so long

CD 1
  • 1 What I Thought of You
  • 2 It's Only Need
  • 3 Here Is My Co-Pilot
  • 4 Hi, You Reckless Darling
  • 5 It's Funny
  • 6 To See You Out
  • 7 Come Back to See Me
  • 8 Waiting for Me
  • 9 We Are Glowing
  • 10 When?