Who Sang Jerusalem? Holy Blood

Holy Blood Waves Are Dancing cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock/Viking Metal/Black Metal
length: 5:56
Day will come, heaven will shine
All the land will burn then
And the holy town of Jerusalem
Will come down from heaven, in God’s glory.

All the land will burn
When Jerusalem will come down.

Holy town, Jerusalem
Unearthly, but coming down from heaven
Opens the gates to all
Who take salvation.

God’s truth will be made
The sinful world will burn
But for God’s sons of truth
Jerusalem will come down.

All the land will burn
When Jerusalem will come down.

Hey, open your eyes
Hey, listen, the land
Hey, holy day
Hey, not so far away.
Hey open your eyes
Hey, save yourself
Hey, anger will come
But the holy town
will be open to every holy person.

A flame of furious fire
Will burn this land
For all the sins
The anger of God will avenge.

The day will come holy and fearful
All the land will then burn
And He who sits on the throne
Will open the gates to Jerusalem.

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 To Heaven
  • 3 The Spring
  • 4 Jerusalem
  • 5 I Flow Towards the Fate
  • 6 Baptising of the Rus'
  • 7 In the Last Battle
  • 8 The Fair
  • 9 Waves Are Dancing
  • 10 Outro