Who Sang Acceptance? Holy Moses

Release information
Release Date: 1994-8-1
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore/Thrash
length: 3:55
producer: Andy Classen
mixer: Andy Classen
engineer: Andy Classen
recording engineer: Andy Classen
bass guitar: Dan Lilker
membranophone: Sven Herwig
electric guitar: Andy Classen
vocal: Sabina Classen
lyricist: Sven Herwig
composer: Sven Herwig, Andy Classen
Holy Moses

standing - standing in front of the mirror
staring - into hollow eyes again
confronting - me with myself
watching - helpless selfinflicted pain
suffering - under these circumstances
feeling - broken and misused
knowing - that i`m living a lie
acceptance - that i`m unable to deny

remembering - how it used to be
drouwing - in sorrow and ecstasy
growing - like a cancer in me
turning - myself into the enemy

i`m trapped -
with my back against the wall
frustration - takes its all
i`m trapped -
with my back against the wall
frustration - let frustration take its tall

no need - no need to talk to myself again
no need - to think that i can change the way i am
no need - to fool myself around again
needing - to accept what i am

i feel the need to accept that
i`m not the one i thought i am


CD 1
  • 1 Upon Your Tongue
  • 2 A Word to Say
  • 3 Step Ahead
  • 4 Acceptance
  • 5 Just Because
  • 6 What’s Up
  • 7 Senseless One
  • 8 Denial
  • 9 Hate Is Just a 4 Letter Word
  • 10 On You
  • 11 I Feel Sick
  • 12 No Solution
  • 13 Bomber