Who Sang Don’t Mess Around With the Bitch? Holy Moses

Release information
Release Date: 1985-5
Genre: Rock Non-Music
Style: Thrash
length: 5:35
producer: Ralph Hubert
guitar: Andy Classen
membranophone: Herbert Dreger
bass guitar: Ramon Brüssler
lead vocals: Sabina Classen
writer: Andy Classen, Herbert Dreger, Ramon Brüssler, Sabina Classen
The dark bar you know so well
Come in through the back door
One more night in red light
Year by year it will never change

Young girls and fat ladies
Too much make up in young faces
Which are already old
Cheap lipstick on the cigarette-tips

(Don't) mess around with the b____
(Don't) mess around with the b____

All night or short time
Smoke or simple f___
Five men ten whiskey
Enough money for tonight

(Don't) mess around with the b____
(Don't) mess around with the b____

Hey baby are you clean - you don't smell good
Maybe one sin too much - you don't care if the money is right
Just some b____es in the night...

Hey girl you work with men
I call you a nasty b____
Call her the way you want it
I call her just a dirty b____

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