Who Sang Necropolis? Holy Moses

Release information
Release Date: 1985-5
Genre: Rock Non-Music
Style: Thrash
length: 3:36
producer: Ralph Hubert
guitar: Andy Classen
membranophone: Herbert Dreger
bass guitar: Ramon Brüssler
lead vocals: Sabina Classen
writer: Andy Classen, Herbert Dreger, Ramon Brüssler, Sabina Classen
Rotten bodies tortured by shadows
Wicked air over lakes of blood
New-born children with plague-boils
Tearing out the eyes of their mothers

You call it sin he calls it life
You praid to god but this is the beast
Beware of angels realize
The queen is called Babylon

Dead town dead town dead town dead town
They try to cry - cry out
But files crawl into their mouths
Rain of acid burns out their eyes
But they won't die in our town of hope

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Necropolis
  • 2 Don’t Mess Around With the Bitch
  • 3 Devil’s Dancer
  • 4 Queen of Siam
  • 5 Roadcrew
  • 6 Walpurgisnight
  • 7 Bursting Rest
  • 8 Dear Little Friend
  • 9 Torches of Hire