Who Sang Strange Deception? Holy Moses

Holy Moses The New Machine of Liechtenstein cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1989
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash
length: 4:23
producer: Holy Moses and Alex Perialas
membranophone: Ulrich "Uli" Kusch
lead vocals: Sabina Classen
mixer: Alex Perialas and Holy Moses
engineer: Alex Perialas
guitar: Andy Classen
bass guitar: Thomas Becker
composer: Andy Classen, Ulrich "Uli" Kusch
arranger: Andy Classen, Ulrich "Uli" Kusch
lyricist: Andy Classen, Sabina Classen
He's got blood shot eyes
Skin like wax
He's malding them like clay
Twisting their souls

Aimed and giting deep
Fragile minds
He rips them apart

He faints their conscience
We are more than just conditiened apes
He breakes the proud one's will

Now we've got the chance to break our chains
He stools their purpose
We are more so face the ****ing truth
You're just machines

He's in service
Of something strange
Something untomed
That won't be denied

Reaping health
He stirs the crowd
Making them believe
His prophecy

That's folic you've machines
Nothing but ****ing machines
You can't be anything, but what you are
And that's a goddamned machines
You are a goddamned machines

You are machines
You've done if you don't get into it

CD 1
  • 1 Near Dark
  • 2 Def Con II
  • 3 Panic
  • 4 Strange Deception
  • 5 Locky Popster
  • 6 SSP (Secret Service Project)
  • 7 State: Catatonic
  • 8 The Brood
  • 9 Lost in the Maze