Who Sang Tradition of Fatality? Holy Moses

Release information
Release Date: 1991-8-1
length: 2:56
producer: Andy Classen
mixer: Andy Classen
lead vocals: Sabina Classen
guitar: Andy Classen
bass guitar: Andy Classen
composer: Andy Classen, Benny Schnell
lyricist: Sabina Classen
Bad moon
Tradition of fatality
Religious domain
In holy wars christmas
For the buiseness
And virgin white
For the bride
People who never
Doubt on their ideals
Words written in blood
Eyes of malevolence
No reactions
Of the ruling reigns
Suffocate the upcoming light
Of a new day
Untrue - the truth
Of my existence
Without sense
My words
Against lies
The why for the
Iranian war
A tradition
Never made for
In respect - but try
To start by
Traditions already
Took possession
Of yourself

CD 1
  • 1 Nothing for My Mom
  • 2 Two Sides Terror
  • 3 Theotocy (Terminal Terror)
  • 4 Creation of Violation
  • 5 Pool of Blood
  • 6 Distress and Death
  • 7 Adult Machine
  • 8 Malicious Race
  • 9 Tradition of Fatality