Kids Lyrics - Home Grown

Home Grown Act Your Age cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-6-2
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 3:09
Hey, think back when
you were just a little kid, yeah
When everything that you did ,
you always had fun
Lincoln logs and Tinker Toys
At school the girls would chase the boys
For some dumb reason
I always ran 

Kids just havin fun
Nothing on our minds
Never on the run
Always havin a good time
A good time 

Hey think back when,
you first started kindergarten
When everyone in your class
was your best friend
Dig a ton of tunnels in the sand
Painting pictures for our moms and dads Knowing that they would be so proud
That "kid" resides in all of us, let it resound 


A good time
Always havin a good time
Never wanting to grow old
Never wanting to grow old 

Prechorus-chorus 2X 

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