Who Sang Unforgettable? Homeboy Sandman feat. TreZure Empire

TreZure Empire Subject: Matter cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-1-24
length: 4:14
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Yo, this is about, for everybody who once had a girl that physically was steller, but otherwise was problematic, but was physically so steller, so steller

[Verse 1]
So yeah I can't fuck with you, or can't fuck
But I was thinking about your sweet tiramisu
I miss you
My half-breed, you show me how the champs breed
You always had a plan B
While your cat bleed
Such a athlete, ready for me revving up your ass cheeks
I was thinking about you last week
Underneath a shorty from Bed-Stuy
I met her at the line at the Best Buy
She was just aight
I closed my eyes when I was with her and pictured you
Cause must be difficult for her to listen too
I know it isn't cute, but laws of physics wasn't getting listened to
We was getting physical
Best buy chick when I met her, knew it wasn't metaphyisical
Must confess: you was the best
Left me charlie-horsed and out of breath
I better be in top form 'fore I fall out of the bed
Your aura, your organs is all in my head
It's like a hex, a curse upon whoever comes next
I think about you every three or four secs, every time I have sex

[Verse 2]
I saw a color that remind me of your's
It was on a girl down in Florida
She was alluring, but she was so boring
Compared to what we do in the morning
I never asked, I never had to give you a warning
I still be on them, but you would go above and beyond them
So now I'm condemned every time I put on a condom
You're popping my conscience
I'm nervous I might say your name by accident, ain't that some shit?
Sure this ass good, but it isn't as good
Yeah Ms. Cook
But ain't no possibility of being mistook
You worked a kitty-cat 'till her cat's kaput
I be exhausted, the way you dug your face in my armpit
I used to think of some odd-shit
Since I met some chicks that's for a four-some
But when it's just us they ain't as awesome, so I ain't as awe-struck, shucks
You went nuts for my nut

[Verse 3]
If this girl knew what I was thinking 'bout, she wouldn't be so loud
I know she used to see you 'round
She's glad to see you out
She trynna be you now
She can't be you at all, she's to insecure
I went to take her on the floor
She talking 'bout the floor too dirty
I finished in a hurry
She was like "her bad" I was like don't worry
I know it's not her fault
It isn't like she was not worth her salt, but she could never win a gold in a pole vault
Is it so wrong, since I told you so long, to think about you [?]
The rest be just the same old song
Imagination's every mans right
And she wasn't using her hands right, so I be damned, damn right
I'm with a bad female
What feels like a night
Bitch you gave me the tightest hole me ever had seen in my life


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  • Release information
    label: Stones Throw Records
    country(area): United States
    format: 12" Vinyl
    barcode: 659457228316
    script: Latin