Who Sang For Those Lost at Sea? Honig

Release information
Release Date: 2012-9-21
length: 4:12
producer: Florian Dreher and Stefan Honig
vocal: Julia Kotowski and Stefan Honig
mixer: Florian Dreher
electric guitar: Gero Von Werden
recording engineer: Florian Dreher
bass: Felix Hornung
accordion: Julia Kotowski
clarinet: Julia Kotowski
glockenspiel: Stefan Honig
banjo: Julia Kotowski
strings: Francis Norman
guitalele: Stefan Honig
drums (drum set): Florian Dreher
handclaps: Stefan Honig
I swallow the sea
and the sea swallows me
the mermaids they will find me dead
in a rocket on the seabed
a picture of the stars still in my hands
take a seat where should I begin
take control of this submarine
take good care of your lungs and your liver
it's not the cold that is making you shiver
my boat is my urn
and you will watch it burn
you will watch it glow
you and all of your friends
will be waiting for it to begin
while everybody knows this is the end
it's the ones on your knees
and the ones in between
all our men lost at see
and you'll be singing all their names with me

  • 1 Sleep Driver
  • 2 For Those Lost at Sea
  • 3 This Old House
  • 4 In My Drunken Head
  • 5 Song for Julie
  • 6 Look What the Tide Brought In
  • 7 The Morning Chorus
  • 8 Hunters
  • 9 Hometowns
  • 10 Burning Down Bookshops
  • 11 Horns

  • Release information
    label: Haldern Pop Recordings
    country(area): Germany
    script: Latin