Penelope's Lullaby Lyrics - Hoodoo Gurus

Release information
Release Date: 2004-3-15
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock/Power Pop
length: 3:14
Softly drift away, my little sleep head.
Make a secret wish.
You're safe and warm in bed.
Here's a tiny kiss.
I'm here to tuck you in. Fall asleepâ?¦

Stars and fairy dust are jewels upon the sky.
Dance beyond the clouds.
You're like a firefly.
Sweetly now, sing a gentle lullaby. Fall asleepâ?¦

It is time now that all good girls and boys
Close their eyes and dream.
Set your cares afloat across the Milky Way
For tomorrow is another lovely day
But for now goodnight and softly drift away.
Fall asleepâ?¦

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