Who Sang King of Kings? House of Freaks

House of Freaks Tantilla cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1989
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Country Rock/Pop Rock/Indie Rock/Folk Rock/Power Pop
length: 3:20
Blow your whistle
Drive your engine
Sail me down the rivers of delight
Won't you turn on your lamp of beauty
I wanna see you crucified tonite

Speak to me on the Tower of Babel
Whisper words that only I can understand
Look at me with glorious obsession
And send me off into the promise land
I wanna hear the voices of Sirens
I wanna taste the blood of your King
I wanna see your idols in the cloister
And kiss your diamond ring
'Cause I'm the King of Kings

Thread on me in the Garden of Eden
Watch my snake crawl up your apple tree
Carve your name into my ivory hammer
Then take my hand and walk across the sea
I wanna see you lie across the alter
I wanna see the demonin you eyes
I wanna see the * *
And see the sacrifice

Raise my arc
And part your waters
Judas kisses in the candelight
Stay with me from "mountains"?
I wanna see a miracle tonite

CD 1
  • 1 When the Hammer Came Down
  • 2 The Righteous Will Fall
  • 3 White Folk's Blood
  • 4 Birds of Prey
  • 5 King of Kings
  • 6 Family Tree
  • 7 Sun Gone Down
  • 8 Kill the Mockingbird
  • 9 Broken Bones
  • 10 I Want Answers
  • 11 Big Houses
  • 12 The World of Tomorrow