Who Sang Ti Na Na? Wang Chung

Wang Chung Huang Chung cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1982
Genre: Electronic Pop
Style: New Wave/Pop Rock
length: 4:21
remixer: Roger Bechirian
producer: Rhett Davies
lead vocals: Jack Hues
writer: Jack Hues, Nick Feldman, Darren Costin
(jack hues)

You’re sending messages to me girl
I feel them flashed across the land
It’s such that I can disbelieve girl
And what you feel is in my hand

Ti na na, ti na na ne girl
Ti na na, ti na na ne
Ti na na, ti na na ne girl
Ti na na, ti na na ne

It’s cold outside, I can’t breathe girl
Without a pain inside my heart
And if I should ever leave girl
And even then without a start

So I’m sitting by the fireside
Or on the beach or some hotel
And I feel like sitting down and crying
I sing the words I know so well

Repeat chorus

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Ti Na Na
  • 2 Hold Back the Tears
  • 3 I Never Want to Love You in a Half Hearted Way
  • 4 Straight From My Heart
  • 5 Dancing
  • 6 Chinese Girls
  • 7 Why Do You Laugh
  • 8 China
  • 9 I Can't Sleep
  • 10 Rising in the East