Who Sang When You Say You Love Me? Human Nature feat. Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes A Symphony of Hits cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Funk / Soul Pop
Style: Ballad
length: 4:28
I've been watching you from afar
And the way you make your way round the bar
You laugh like you're really entertained
And you smile like it's your favorite game

Now you move in closer to me
And our eyes are connected emotionally
Not lookin' for a one night stand
Or a place for a broken heart to mend

I know everybody here wants to hold you
I know what it's like 'cause I feel the same
When you look in my eyes
There's a part of me that's still afraid

When you say you love me - do you mean it?
Baby when you hold me do you feel it?
Should I believe the magic in your eyes?
I'll be waiting till the end of time
To hear you say you love me like you mean it
Baby when you hold me, make me feel it
All I want to do is make you mine
I been hurt way too many times

They say if you want to make god laugh
Then all you gotta do is tell him your plans
I know that the timings not right
Didn't know I would meet you tonight

It's not that I don't really like the attention
Cause I feel like the only man in the room
Are you really sincere?
Is it just something that you do?


Again and again and again
I've been hurt my friend to the end
Though I high I been low
I got no place left to go
Again and again and again
when will this searching end


CD 1
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  • 2 Every Time You Cry
  • 3 Wishes
  • 4 All Out of Love
  • 5 Got to Get You Into My Life
  • 6 She's Leaving Home
  • 7 Eternal Flame
  • 8 When You Say You Love Me
  • 9 Don't Say Goodbye
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  • 11 The Tracks of My Tears
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