Who Sang Gloria? Hurrah!

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length: 4:06
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A bored smile went between the choppers
She made her way above the crowd
I said things I knew would not shock her
I said things to make her feel proud

Trust in me
Things you do
And things you care about
Trust in me
Things I tell you

I'll wait until the very end

I found myself under your window
You're looking down watching me sing
I know now you left me in limbo
But sometimes that's the way things begin

I'll wait until the very end
These things I say
The dreams
I'll turn you on them, too

  • 1 Live Intro Tape
  • 2 The Sun Shines Here
  • 3 I'll Be Your Surprise
  • 4 Don't Need Food
  • 5 Saturday's Train
  • 6 Lonely Room
  • 7 Hip Hip
  • 8 Around and Around (When in Rome)
  • 9 If It Rains
  • 10 The Point of Perfection
  • 11 Who'd've Thought
  • 12 Celtic (Who Wants to Live by Love Alone)
  • 13 Big Sky
  • 14 This Boy
  • 15 Gloria
  • 16 Funny Day
  • 17 A Walk in the Park
  • 18 Suffer and See
  • 19 Sweet Sanity
  • 20 How Many Rivers
  • 21 Miss This Kiss
  • 22 If Love Could Kill
  • 23 I Would If I Could

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    script: Latin