Who Sang Good friend? I-94

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length: 4:11
Yes, you lean on whatever I need and I love it
It makes me smile and it makes me bleed
Can't get off it
I'd like to be wrong, but I just might be right
It seems we're in need of a good friend tonight

All that I am is all that you use
Nothing gets wasted, but some gets abused
And it leaves me both high and battered and bruised

Spend your precious time shoppin' for thrills
It's the fashion
Yet we're gratefully popping cheap pills with a passion

Just be proud of what you don't have
Use what you've got just to make yourself glad

  • 1 Walls around you
  • 2 Out there
  • 3 Go back im time
  • 4 Oxygen
  • 5 Dead money hand
  • 6 Waterfall
  • 7 Clue
  • 8 Something so wrong
  • 9 Afraid to fly
  • 10 Good friend
  • 11 One of us
  • 12 Rain
  • 13 The end

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    script: Latin