Who Sang My Greatest Need? I Am Alpha and Omega

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length: 3:31
To Him who knows my greatest need, I'm sinking fast in seas of fear, To Him who fills the sky at night, My heart is weak, My lungs collapsed, You gave me grace, My heart betrayed, your loving arms, You grabbed my hand, I pulled away, and lost Your eyes, But i willl rise, I will find your eyes, I will run, against the wind.

  • 1 The Lost and the Captor
  • 2 My Greatest Need
  • 3 The Roar and the Whisper
  • 4 The Rescue
  • 5 The Bride
  • 6 Beaten, Betrayed, Denied
  • 7 A Whistle Falls
  • 8 Chasing

  • Release information
    script: Latin