Who Sang The Roar and the Whisper? I Am Alpha and Omega

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length: 3:02
I know the times are changing, I feel it in the earth, Beneath the sea a fire burns, Look in my eyes and tell me, Hopes lost and death has won, When angels rise and blot the sun, Oh while we sleep and slumber, Wolves daydream of destruction, I've grown so weak, I cannot stand on my own, This world will never love you, I cannot sand on my own, This world will drag you down, My heart is wounded so deeply, It's getting harder to breathe, Within the breathe of a whisper, You kill the pain that's in me, And i've waited so long, Deceptions left me so weakened, I tried to fight it alone, Within your arms is a fury, A Father saves his Son, Oh God, Come over us, Save us, Save us with the roar and the whisper, Come over us, Oh God, We need you now.

  • 1 The Lost and the Captor
  • 2 My Greatest Need
  • 3 The Roar and the Whisper
  • 4 The Rescue
  • 5 The Bride
  • 6 Beaten, Betrayed, Denied
  • 7 A Whistle Falls
  • 8 Chasing

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    script: Latin