Who Sang Bet'cha Your Job? I Am the Ocean

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I had a dream it was my birthday today...
For a while it became normal, but now I wish that I had not forgot so much...
Was there a battle here?
Me vs. me?
Perhaps... perhaps...
(I dunno)
But here it is now anyway: the kid's (severed) head - right there in my lap!
I (notice that now I) got my head in my hands, and my hands are in my lap.
(head in hands)
(hands in lap)
I don't know if I do (know) though if it's bad news or bad a**..
(wake up dreaming still)
But here I am now anyway, and it's my birthday...
Swear to god I'm gonna buy something bad.
(Maybe an apple bi-product)
(or a product by "Apple")
And I don't know, but I'll bet you your job that it will be the baddest thing you ever seen.
I sure hope that this dream is really just a dream.
And I'm saying it once again: I sure do hope that dream was just a dream.
Because if it was not then I got a problem that's getting to big to be controlled and my hands are just barely not big enough...
Plus it's my birthday, and I don't need some "dead-me" to come and ruin it.
It's my birthday, and I swear to god I'm gonna buy something bad.

  • 1 Chasing Bears and Reading Scriptures
  • 2 Bet'cha Your Job
  • 3 Exbyit Means KayBadBye
  • 4 I'm Pretty Tired and I'm Pretty Old
  • 5 A Going Under
  • 6 Scribble Jack
  • 7 Randy Wrinkled Travis
  • 8 Text the Sex Rhyme
  • 9 Nobody Calls Me Chicken
  • 10 Wait, What?
  • 11 Puked on and Slapped Up

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    script: Latin