Who Sang Scream Shout? i5

Release information
Release Date: 2000-9-12
length: 3:11
producer: K.C. Porter
writer: Gaby Equiz, Georgetta Franklin, Erik Isaacs, Jeremy Monroe, Craig Owens, Lorenzo Acevedo
Bring on the music,
Bring on the groove
Let's start this party,
Get in the mood
Don't bring your boyfriend
Unless he is fine
Dress him up sexy
And show up on time

Raise it up
Don't let the party stop
Keep on till you drop

Scream shout let it out
Turn the music up real loud
Ready set here we go
Let the music take control
Bump, bump
Shake your rump
Everybody turn and jump
Left, right, side to side
Shake your body let it ride

Lose the computer
This ain't no chat
So what if you're pretty,
Who cares if you're fat?
Don't bring your cell phone
No pagers allowed,
No perpetrating here
In this crowd

Pump it up, pump it up
Don't let the party stop
Keep on till you drop


No nasty parents,
No boring school
Let's all get crazy,
Let's act like fools
Cause Y2K's over and
We all survived
No Armageddon to
Spoil the vibe

Scream shout let it out
Bump bump
Shake your rump


Let it ride
Scream shout,
Let it out

Scream shout let it out

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  • 2 Distracted
  • 3 Cinderella
  • 4 First Kiss
  • 5 If I Ever See Heaven Again
  • 6 Scream Shout
  • 7 The Recipe
  • 8 Can I Get a Witness?
  • 9 The Last Thing I Need
  • 10 Sweet ’n’ Sassy
  • 11 Best Friend
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