Who Sang Morning Song? Ian Moore

Ian Moore Modernday Folklore cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995-6-27
Genre: Rock
Style: Southern Rock
length: 6:05
In the morning
Lay You down in tender grace
In the morning
The sunlight plays upon Your face

And all I want is You

Like a baby
I find salvation in Your eyes
You have saved me
From darkest and the blackest nights

And all I know is You
All I know is You

In the morning
Making love slowly fades
In the morning
A body's bled and wanna say

And all I am is You
All I am is You

All I am is You
All I am is You
All I am, I am is You

CD 1
  • 1 Muddy Jesus
  • 2 Society
  • 3 Today
  • 4 Daggers
  • 5 Bar Line 99
  • 6 Dandelion
  • 7 Lie
  • 8 Train Tracks
  • 9 Monday Afternoon
  • 10 You'll Be Gone
  • 11 Stain
  • 12 Morning Song
  • 13 Home