Who Sang Another Prayer for the Dying? Ian Stuart and Stigger

Stigger Patriotic Ballads II - Our Time Will Come cover art
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Just another figure in a newspaper
Just another bloodstain on the ground
Just another victim of this once-great land
Could you tell me when salvation will be found?
Until then it's just...
Just another prayer for the dying
Just words spinning 'round in my head
Just another prayer for the dying
Just a requiem for the dead

The men in Whitehall sit drinking their champagne
Whilst our people fight for very life itself
Now we're second class in our own countries
In poverty whilst they build up their wealth
While I hear it still...

instrumental break

So now another victim is forgotten
Is murder just glossed over like a dream
When the politicians tell you that they stand for you
Remember they are never what they seem

(chorus) x2

  • 1 Another Prayer for the Dying
  • 2 The Lions Roar
  • 3 We Stand Alone
  • 4 One in a Million
  • 5 Wasted Life
  • 6 Never Give In
  • 7 Glory
  • 8 Left to Drown
  • 9 Why Worry
  • 10 Europe on My Mind
  • 11 Our Time Will Come
  • 12 Tuesday's Gone

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    script: Latin