Who Sang Left to Drown? Ian Stuart and Stigger

Stigger Patriotic Ballads II - Our Time Will Come cover art
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Once again, another nation going down
Yeah another country, is left to drown
In Croatia the people fight against another Red Army
But our government is to busy shaking hands, with the murdering ANC
Another nation's going down
Another country left to drown
We have/had the power in our hands
We just sit and watch the destruction of another land

Once upon a time there was a land called Rhodesia
It earned its keep, and it ran itself, and never asked for charity
Once again our government, sided with the deadly foe
Now run by scum, it's called Zimbabwe, and it's as Red as it can go

Now it seems that we are next on our government's thick hit-list
Race relations and h*** rights, well these causes' feet are kissed
Seems we are a minority in our own motherland
Our pleas for justice and common sense, well they disregard and ban

Will you always be like this, apathetic and in chains?
Or will you rise and realize, what they're doing to your brain
With their Media and their politics, well their lies come so easily
Well we've got to fight, and earn the right, to stand up proud and free


We just stood and watched the destruction of another land

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    script: Latin