Who Sang Why Worry? Ian Stuart and Stigger

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A skeptic said to me one sunny day, why the worried look upon your face?
He just smiled and he looked at me, what will be is gonna be
I said surely you will stand and fight, for what you believe to be right?
He said no, 'cos life's too short
I said your mind has now been bought
Why worry?
He said to me, Why worry?
It was meant to be, Why worry?
He asked me why?
I worry, 'cause I don't wanna die
I see what's happening, and it makes me mad
I think about it, and it makes me sad
The skeptic says that I should not think
Sit back and let the future sink


instrumental break

We'll stand and fight the rot
Fight for the hopes we have got
We will stand, we won't run away
And you will thank us on a future day

(chorus) x2

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    script: Latin