Who Sang Calm Before the Storm? Ian Stuart

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You took our people, and baby you
took our land
You ignored the pain, and you stole from our hands
You took away our pride, and you came into our homes
And now we're strangers in our own land, and on strange paths we roam
Silent night before the dawn
Don't you think that it's the calm before the storm?

Once we were proud men, and now
we're down on our knees
We have let them take over, and now they do as they please
What's it gonna take, to light that spark of pride
And if our courage does not waken, we'll be taken for a ride

instrumental break

Tell me you people, are you
willing to act?
For the men that could save us, they will need to be backed
No one should sit back, and leave it to the rest
And every person's courage, will be put now to the test

(chorus) x2

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    script: Latin