Who Sang Down in the City? Ian Stuart

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Feeling low, which way to go now
It's a freak-show, down in the city
Broken dreams, and desperate screams
The switchblade gleams, down in the city
Empty cans, forgotten plans
Begging hands, down in the city
Litter strewn, a broken tune
End comes soon, down in the city
Down, yeah down
Down, down in the city
Down, yeah down
Down, down in the city

Nothing's new, the mood is blue
What's the truth, down in the city
The streets of gold are really yellow mold
The heart is cold, down in the city
Watch your back, never slack
The soul is black, down in the city
Look around, at every sound
Compassion has drowned, down in the city.

instrumental break

Rough and stormy seas, the
nation's on its knees
Either vein please, down in the city
Try to escape, to get into shape
Leave the riot and rape, down in the city
Death's on the prowl, walker once heard a growl
With a scythe and dark cowl, down in the city
Gathering gloom, spelling out doom
The reaper comes soon, down in the city

(chorus) repeat to fade

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    script: Latin