Who Sang Fortress Europe? Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart No Turning Back cover art
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length: 2:13
Oh Europe, high in honour, sacred
lands of faithfulness
? ?????? ?????? in the east and in the west
You stand as your mountains, steadfast, 'gainst enemies strong and cruel
Like the eagle high in the sky, will not bow to alien rule
Oh Europe hold out, don't give in now
Oh Europe no surrender, that would be a sin, sin, sin

Think back to your forefathers,
think back upon great times
European courage, victory, ????? ????? in every fight
????? stand together, shield our nations from any harm
Where the beast of war engulfs us, hold out in the rage of the storm

If the White man's gods protect
us, Europeans must stay free
Never shield our nations' beauty, from our foes and enemies
To our Europe's land, protection; at the ready, Europe's men
We defy our foes and traitors, self-defence is no offence
From our moors, and lakes and mountains, we will fight save our lands
European strength and spirit, will be wielded in our hands

  • 1 To Freedom We Ride - Triumph of the Will
  • 2 Firepower
  • 3 Campaign in the East
  • 4 Fortress Europe
  • 5 Battle Cries
  • 6 Behind Blue Eyes
  • 7 No Turning Back
  • 8 It's a Hard Road
  • 9 The Wheel Goes Round
  • 10 The Flight of the Eagle
  • 11 Red Flags Are Burning
  • 12 In the Ghetto

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    script: Latin