Who Sang It's a Hard Road? Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart No Turning Back cover art
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length: 3:17

Riding down the highway, going to
A show
Stepping on the by-ways, playing rock n’ roll
Getting robbed, far from home
Getting beat up, broken bone
Getting had, getting took
I tell you folks it’s harder than it looks

It’s a hard road, carrying on playing White rock n’ roll
It’s a hard road, carrying on playing White rock n’ roll
The leaflets for the gig day, ‘cos
The left-wing lies
No ads before the big days, we know the reasons why
Getting old, getting grey
Getting ripped-off, underpaid
Getting sold, second-hand
That’s how it goes playing in a band

If you think it’s easy doing
One-night stands, oh baby
Try playing in a rock n’ roll band

Instrumental break

If you wanna get up on the stage
And scream, well baby
Look out now because it’s hard and mean


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    script: Latin