Who Sang Long Time Gone? Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart Slay The Beast cover art
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If I was a man who'd been away for
twenty years or more
And then I'd come back once again
And I saw the changes that had happened since I'd gone
Well I'd think I'd gone insane
What happened to my country, what happened to my land
What happened to my nation, well I can't understand

When I went away, everything was
pure and clean
And now there's rubbish all around
Where there was light, now suddenly it's dark
Yeah this land is going down, down, down, down

instrumental break

I tried to come to terms with what
has happened through the years
But I still think that it is wrong
That a land that once was proud and free and cared for all its own
Now cares more for the ones who don't belong, don't belong


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    script: Latin