Who Sang No Turning Back? Ian Stuart

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length: 1:53
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This time it"s just a scuffle,
well what can I say?
Put it all behind me, "til another day
It"s a daily battle, fight it "til the end
One day they"ll realise I"m not gonna bend now
All out attack now
Yeah, the courage we won"t lack
No turning back
No turning back

Red worms are moving, a Marxist
shows his face
Teaming up with allies, from in Woburn Place*
Funny how they"re together, natural team they"re not
Red star and blue star, well have I learned a lot now

instrumental break

Media"s coming at us, we stand up
Enemy of the White man, trying to kill our song
We won"t fall before them, for there"s no turning back
The cowards will not beat us, courage we won"t lack


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    script: Latin