Who Sang The Wheel Goes Round? Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart No Turning Back cover art
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length: 3:10
We don't really know, it's not easy to say
What happens tomorrow, what happens today
The wheel of fortune is a crazy thing
And it can make you cry and it can make you sing.
I'd like to know what it's going to be
What is the future, for you and me?
It could be destruction, or we could be free
I'd like to see support, so White could succee

As the wheel goes 'round
As the wheel goes 'round and 'round
As the wheel goes 'round
And for the future we are bound

Are students' unions ever going to be
Responsible people, and work for the free?
But they'll always be there, as communist tools
Convenient platform, for Marxists and fools
Freedom for one man, but not for the next
Orwellian nightmare, do we detect?
Oppose your own nations, oppose your own race
A devil called Lenin, speaks through their face


instrumental break

If a traitorous Marxist sees a national flag
He pickets in protest, he thinks it's a rag
For he is not normal, he's eaten by hate
Hate for his country, and fear of his fate

He knows if we still live, we'll never give in
We know what he's doing, yeah, we'll never give in
And that's why he's trying to destroy our White pride
And he will be hell-bound on a one-way ride

(chorus) x2

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    script: Latin