Who Sang Here He Come? Ice Cube feat. Doughboy

Doughboy Raw Footage cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-8-19
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:33
[Verse 1: Ice Cube]
I am the one, that you heard about, read about
I am the one, that had to take the ghetto route
I am the one, don't make me pull this ghetto out
I'm comin' straight from the cave who let him out
Crazy ***** thought he was gone, but he ain't gone
Even King Kong took his black monkey *** home
When I hit the block, watch them scatter like roaches
So don't be fake, 'cause I know what a hoe is
Handle my business, no playin' 'cause I'm focused
You the definition of what a ****in' joke is
When they see you comin', they play with your emotions
**** with my emotions and they find you in the oceans
Yeah I said oceans, yeah I mean plural
My boy got a knife to turn a boy into a girl
We'll **** up your world, no boos to my drama
We'll include yo mama, if you f**k with my commas
I ain't tryin' to scary you
I ain't tryin' to hear you
I ain't tryin' to control that ***** in the mirror
I'll I'm tryin' to is bark before I fight
Before I take you down, might as well be polite


[Verse 2: Ice Cube]
Now when I roll through the hood, lil' kids watch my every move
Tryin' to be a good example, don't make me bury you
If you sit on my swagger, ***** take some carellflu
Don't underestimate the damage caused by a '22
Pop yo' *** right behind the ear within' hear
Nothin' like a firecracker, hits you like a linebacker
Don't forget the grind factor, I am a grinder
And here's a reminder, ain't no tellin' where they find ya
Now what this got to do with the price of tea in China?
Nothin' ************ just don't act like a vagina
You won't catch the rath of this hardcore rhymer
Now you got 55 *****s right behind ya
Now you wanna talk it out, but we don't negotiate
Now you gotta do all kind of **** that we know you hate
Straight from the west and we got to be respected
Here it's going down, here 'em runnin' for the exit


[Verse 3: Doughboy]
See this boy in this ***** gonna ape ****
Glitch Mob *****s takin' off like a spaceship
Pace those to Euros, eatin' those green and great chips
Get 'em by the bag, you can say we Feedo Lay chips
I'm so hungry that I can eat these *****s faces
Beat the plastic surgeons givin' Hollywood a face lift
Off the grape ****, and I'm feelin' like I'm faceless
The Mob you ain't in, ***** don't say ****
You ain't nothin' to play with, ***** I beat the basics
**** and spray ****, quick to leave a ***** faceless
Playin' Superman, we get a brave ***** sprayed quick
*****s can't fade this, music for the ages
Because we get it in like Young Crush
She be payin' big fishin'
In the water ***** you in the deep end
Boy I pull you deep in, underneath the deep end
***** have you sinkin', when I hear you creepin', hear you sayin'


Hear 'em say, oh my God, here he come, here he come
Hear 'em say, oh my God, here he come, here he come
Hear 'em say, oh my God, here he come, here he come
Hear 'em say, oh my God, here he come, here he come

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  • Release information
    label: Lench Mob Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 5099923463523
    script: Latin