Who Sang A Black Age? Iciclan

Release information
Release Date: 2007-8-16
length: 3:20
(Within the foreseeing dreams and musings of the beast)

There's a black age in my mind
The time impending is what i shall find
My 16th sleep is now in session
My 16th waking implores contemplation
I Dream of the humans "seeing" things i've never seen
Catching sights from stray airwaves
Even knowing words like that is quite strange

In my waking hours i know of little but pure survival
Never spoke or thought out loud
Screaming and gasping is all i'm allowed
Then there's this place in my dreams
When i can think and feel
Like a being (of life) and not a beast
But humans i shall soon see!

My 16th cycle i leave this land
The hunger changes crave blood of man

It's a black age they've forgotten
15 centuries much time has passed

Now...It drawes...Near

CD 1
  • 1 Prelude
  • 2 Twisting Earthern Embrace
  • 3 As He Wakes
  • 4 The Journey
  • 5 An Ancient Place
  • 6 Ice Eater
  • 7 Nine Decades Beckon
  • 8 A Black Age
  • 9 The 16th Cycle