Who Sang Nine Decades Beckon? Iciclan

Release information
Release Date: 2007-8-16
length: 2:12
As he travels back. It takes no time
For he is still in his insane highest speed
His soul now refuelled and (his) body restored
He must now return to (his) comatic state
Sees his cave within mountainside

Begins slowing down (still in) slight altered state
On the journey back his mouth's shrunk in size
Became normal again now his jaw it aches
Nearly walking now verging on the cave
Staggers in(to) his home
Drops down to his knees

As he crawels in his corner
His (high) mind is now calming
Time is here for the slumber
He lies down and he yearns for it

It comes!!!
Now as sleep ensues the beast is curled up
Within his dark cave the dreams soon approach
Drifting in darkness the shapes start to come
A haven of dreams he will soon enter

CD 1
  • 1 Prelude
  • 2 Twisting Earthern Embrace
  • 3 As He Wakes
  • 4 The Journey
  • 5 An Ancient Place
  • 6 Ice Eater
  • 7 Nine Decades Beckon
  • 8 A Black Age
  • 9 The 16th Cycle