Who Sang Silver Tongue? Icky Blossoms

Icky Blossoms Mask cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-5-12
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock/Synth-pop

[Verse 1:]
What can I say
I say whoa
Now do your runs in lust and [?]
You see the truth in matching colors
And burning landscapes, fear and hate
The energy will blind your eyesight
But I got a cure
For all your made up illusions
Your drive is the light blinding the voice in your heart
And I could listen to you just so we’ve been here at the start
I feel the heat from you sticking to me

The silver tongue
The silver tongue
Silver words are burning
Swear, swear, swear, swear

[Verse 2:]
Every time I look there’s something new in my eye
Every time I look I see you
Your words are all lies
And you’re so full of content
As you go to the water and cover the guys in cement
I disappear, turn into dust and reappear
Back in some lies with my eyesight


CD 1
  • 1 In Folds
  • 2 Phantasmagoria
  • 3 Living in Fiction
  • 4 Away From You
  • 5 Want You So Bad
  • 6 The Spiral
  • 7 Wait
  • 8 Silver Tongue
  • 9 Terror Nothing