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Release Date: 1985
Well it's cold outside
But that goes away
It's cold inside
And that's here to stay
Until that time
That you make it your business to return
My spirit died
Such a painful death
A grown man cried
At it's final breath
The tears have dried
But as cold as they are
They still burn
Who will chip away
Melt away a night
That lasted years
Kiss away these memories
That left me with
The bitter fights
Are what broke my heart
The sleepless nights
Are the hardest part
As weak as I am
I still hope for some warmth from someone

You could have lied
But you stood there and you said
There's nothing to decide
It's over

12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 Missing
  • 3 Danger Calling
  • 4 Shot at My Heart
  • 5 Out for Blood
  • 6 Raise the Hammer
  • 7 Frozen Tears
  • 8 The Whites of Their Eyes
  • 9 Hungry for Love
  • 10 Rock My Radio