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Release Date: 1985
length: 4:05
I'm fallin'
I'm callin'
Out here on the edge
You don't hear me
Nowhere near me
Has the last word been said
My lonely gaze-
Lost your sweet protection
No more days-
Of wearin' your reflection
Stripped of you
They wear lonely tears tonight
Faded blue
Watchin you fall out of love and out of sight
No reason
You're just leavin'
And I hate to see you cry
You wave to me
Look right through me
Was this whole world a lie
Broken dreams-
Live on as a nightmare
Every scene
Plays on without you there
Thinkin' all night of what we did right
Won't change goodbye
You're the memory
I'm just a bad dream
Woke yourself up and wiped me out of your eyes

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Naked Eyes
  • 2 Missing
  • 3 Danger Calling
  • 4 Shot at My Heart
  • 5 Out for Blood
  • 6 Raise the Hammer
  • 7 Frozen Tears
  • 8 The Whites of Their Eyes
  • 9 Hungry for Love
  • 10 Rock My Radio