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Release Date: 1985
length: 3:25
I never said, it'd be easy,
Why are you making it hard?
I knew our love was a gamble
From the cut of the cards
Just give me one good reason
Before you walk out the door
I gave you all that I had
But you were asking for more
You're telling me it's over
And you want out
I watch you as you're leaving
All I can do is shout
Take another SHOT AT MY HEART
Go ahead and fire away
Take another shot,
Take another SHOT AT MY HEART

You were looking for someone
I knew it right from the start
Someone to hold and protect you
Who'd never break your heart
I thought you knew that I cared
When I looked in your eyes
After all that we've shared
Was our love just a lie?
It doesn't matter to me
Who was wrong or right
It won't matter to me
Stay with me one more night
Take another SHOT AT MY HEART

12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 Missing
  • 3 Danger Calling
  • 4 Shot at My Heart
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  • 6 Raise the Hammer
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  • 8 The Whites of Their Eyes
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