I Will Hold On Lyrics - Idle Cure

Release information
Release Date: 1991-9-1
length: 3:48
We were eye to eye, face to face
She tried to put me in my place
Telling me there is no forever
She said you're on your own
You're on the throne
Life is what you make it

I just smiled, then she knew
I was gonna tell her what I always do

He's given me a promise, shown me the way
With Him I will always be standing
I wil hold on until we meet one day
Nothing ever comes easy, she said nothing is free
God is just a feeling that comforts you and me
I knew right then that I had no choice
I began to raise my voice

It doesn't matter how hard you try
Only God can change yout life

It may be simple when you think it through
But why fight it you got nothing to loose
You know yoourself there's more to the plan
Then to go through the life and take what you can


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