Redline Lyrics - Idle Cure

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Release Date: 1991-9-1
length: 4:18
Push it to the redline

Can you imagine, wake up tommorrow
And everyone's gone
No one on the streets, no one on the news
You wouldn't have a friend, no
The days go on and on and on
I bet the nights would never end
Let's think about each other, time to start giving
Look at one another and make it all worth living

Push it to the redline
Let's give a little more
It doesn't have to feel right
If you give from the heart
God will open the door
Where would you be today,
if no one ever cared
I think we've all had a break or two
Don't be fooled like the man in the mirror
He sees the problems
But won't see them through

If anyone is in need,
is there compassion
Or do we turn away
Don't give into greed
That's the wrong kind of giving
Take the higher calling and take it today
It isn't easy, try to lend a hand,
We're all in this together, so give it what you can


It doesn't take money, it doesn't take fame
It doesn't take a doctor to heal all the pain
Just an effort looking for a need
And God will feed the hungry
He will heal the broken
Just look around and plant the seed

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