Tear Down the Walls Lyrics - Idle Cure

Release information
Release Date: 1991-9-1
length: 3:18
Are you backed into a corner, what will you do
Getting pushed around, all black and blue
You never said a word or made a stand
Here we go again and again
The party's over, it's late
When the world can tell, they think you're great
For a while, it'ss be fine
Then it won't tale long and you'll go blind

You'll never see it coming
Hit you right between the eyes

Tear down the walls, just break through it all
Tear down the walls, don't let them build again
If you're like me, it's hard the first time
Will I sound the a record, another line
I know it can tie you in knots
Give it to God, then five it all you got

You can't control it
So don't even try

You think your nimble or pretty wuick
It'll get hot on that candlestick
We gotta reach out when the chips are down
Gotta speak up and tell it like it is


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