We've Lost Ground Lyrics - Idle Cure

Release information
Release Date: 1991-9-1
length: 4:04
When I sit back and listen, I can hear
It's getting worse year after year
In God we trust a thing of the past
If we keep in going we're never gonna last
Who will lead and who will follow
Where's the rock for tomorrow
God and country are drifting away
It doesn't look good but there's still another day

We've lost ground, reclaim the glory
We've lost ground, don't throw away the key
We've lost ground, reclaim the glory
We've lost ground, it's up to you and me
When all is said and done, we've been blessed
Many lives were put to the test
We had honor, we made a stand
It took a country with a Bible in it's hand

Now It's changed, we've sent God home
We'll never make it on our own
Candle lights last for a while
They fade fast and get thrown into a pile

Do or die, the future's before us
Good things never come easy
We will survice, stand up and be counted
Too many people wanns push it to the side


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