Who Cries for Me Lyrics - Idle Cure

Release information
Release Date: 1991-9-1
length: 4:14
Somewhere in the distance
We can close our eyes and turn our heads
Way off in the distance
Another baby dies and the blood is shed
Come join the resistance
It can turn your heart it'll burn your soul
Is there any difference
In the child or the seed that's sown

Oh...can ya hear them the children say...

Who cries for me, I didn't want to die
Whow ill cry for me as I fo to my Father's arms
Who cries for me please just stop the lie
We cry just a little
When we hear the tale of a fallen tree
And stand in the middle
As they cut the cord of society

Who'll fight for the voiceless
Yeah, the times are hard no gauranties
We live with the choices
Till we raise a voice and get down on our knees
Oh...if you listen, the children say...


Who cries for me, I have been denied
Who'll cry for me and for thoes who've yet to come
Who cries for me, please just stop the lie

We too are the victims if we turn our eyes away
Oh, when it comes around
Will we let them die or fight for life today


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