Who Sang Glow in the Dark? Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop Free cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2019-9-6
length: 3:58
producer: Leron Thomas
lead vocals: Iggy Pop
trumpet: Leron Thomas
electric bass guitar: Kenny Ruby
guitar: Greg F
keyboard: Florian Pellissier
drums (drum set): Thibault Brandalise
Moog: Kenny Ruby
composer: Leron Thomas
lyricist: Leron Thomas
If we want silver and gold and diamonds and pearls
Then everyone must play their part in this world
Servants will serve and kings will rule
Pretend we don't know but I bet that you do
Hypocrites point and call it corrupt
Ubiquitous chat rooms chatting about us
And I am not exempt from the whitest of noise
If I forfeit, mark me isolated
So turn off the lights, watch me glow in the dark
Take away the rug, find me levitating
Bet you'll think that I do it alone
To explain all this means further explaining
Positive thoughts make a brighter you
Your sense of community is going to kill you

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