Who Sang No Sense of Crime? Iggy Pop & James Williamson

James Williamson Kill City cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1977-11
length: 3:42
Hey! Hey!

Child of mine.
We are the sweeter kind.

Drugs and death!
Are our place in time.
Breathless and running blind.

Running blind.

Good and bad.
Lies be done.
Makes us so catchy.
It makes us cry!

Yeah we're gonna feel good inside!
We're gonna feel good.
Good inside.

Cry to me.
Cry to me baby.
Cause your mine.
Baby cry.
Run and cry.

Gifts and pain.
Sees them crawl.

Now if there funny.

Kids and dames.
Sees them crawl.
They never cared at all.

Looks like they've got no sense of crime.
Looks like she's got no sense of crime.

Crooks and dares, hopeless in time.

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Kill City
  • 2 Sell Your Love
  • 3 Beyond the Law
  • 4 I Got Nothin’
  • 5 Johanna
  • 6 Night Theme
  • 7 Night Theme (reprise)
  • 8 Consolation Prizes
  • 9 No Sense of Crime
  • 10 Lucky Monkeys
  • 11 Master Charge