Who Sang Summer Time? II Tru feat. Ken Dawg

Ken Dawg A New Breed of Female cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997-9-9
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap
length: 3:23
Summer time
Time to kick back
Relax your mind
When the spokes gleam in the sunshine
You know it's summer time, high

I know you done heard about these ballers
We puttin' it down 'til ya platinum
Mo Thugs debut, respresentin' the Land we the bomb-*** album
We out, comin' in the door
Raised to the game of the streets
Tryin' to come up on millions
This game, we play for keeps
Straight from the underground
Bum rush Cleveland, tunnel to the industry
Trues roll deep from coast to coast, gotta that money
Break any show off the real, recognize we show-stoppers
II Tru's comin' to get ya fools
Chart-toppers, gotta put the 9-7 perimeter lock down
Show these playa haters the greatest family ya found
We put it down worldwide
We know about trues
Keep ya bobbin' your head by makin' major moves

Never been no lame
Always been true game
Roll thick with the Mo Thug click and a sack, man
Game for days, see by the pennies selects
Puttin' it down for the Land on this track for Krayzie
Play me on the north and the east, too, west coast
And the south ? did to II Tru
Proved that we was hard on Family Scriptures
Now, hit ya with this New Breed thang, settin' it off
Off the rippa, get ya hands up for the new breed
Crack the top on the Hen, fire up the green
Floss in the hood, peep the vibe
Kick back relax, do it up for the summer time

[Ken Dawg]
It's continuous play, coast to coast, game I wax
Won't you relax?
Sit back, and lay my head against you
Crack inhale the barbecues
Early morning get the ribs burnin'
Thangs turnin', lick your tonsils on the bourbon
Is we hurtin' these boys off a platinum debut?
You gotta come new, oh, where the old school?
II Tru and Ken Dawg, 9-7, summer time
Maintainin' these last days by movin' up the grind
*****s dyin' while I'm on this hella chase
Tryin' to avoid those who hate
Can you relate?
We can all get paid and ride drops this summer
If the cops try to stop us, slide and roll the chumps


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