Who Sang So High? II Tru feat. Layzie Bone & Krayzie Bone

Krayzie Bone A New Breed of Female cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997-9-9
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap
length: 4:32
Roll another one
Roll another one
Roll another one
Pass the blunt
We be fiendin' for sticky weed, man...
Roll another one
Roll another one
Roll another one
Pass the blunt, *****

I want to get high, so high

*****, first thing in morning 'fore I even get up
I gots to start off my day to a fat-*** blunt
Step out the house on the get-high-creep
'Cause when I'm good and ****ed-up
I'm a smash some peeps, and ain't nothin'
Like smokin' when you're a fool
Find the next, get a hot spot, jump in it 'til ya pull
Ridin' on the Clair, 'cause over there they can smoke it
And while I'm on the topic
Here's a shot to all that know me

Smoke, smoke, smoke
Smoke up the whole thing, better believe it
That's how we get weeded, so *****
Quit tryin' to budget your but
'Cause it's a whole lot of thugs and *****s gettin' high
So don't go smoke a blunt, and you got a ounce in the ride
*****, come off that reefer, 'cause I go broke everytime
Indo slow blowin' my mind
Still I proceed to hit that **** - it's wicked, sticky
Smoke one with your thugsta, thugsta
And show me you can smoke with the thugs
Because I'm gonna get you high
If you want to get higher, come ride
I will fly you

? puff, 'cause really it ain't ?
Ain't wastin' no herb by lettin' it burn, let me hit that sticky
Nothin' but the Moet in my cup, the sticky packed in the blunt
My cap is too thick, so I'm constantly blazin' another blunt up
We smokes all day, when the sticky runs out
Gotta roll to the hood for a stress sack
Gotta get that blaze on still, gotta keep them wig-splittin' back
Bump these hardest tracks, rappin' on the album of the century
They the thugs that got it before these trues make moves
And history, strictly on a mission to have a good time
Freestyles and rhymes, smoke dimes
Shots out to any true that gotta bag of this here, now

Oh, how I love my green leaves, *****
Givin' nothin' but respect, and I really ain't picky
I **** with the stress, but I got four-fifty on the best weed
Tonight, we gettin' higher than high, let's all get lifted
P.O.D.'ded and tweeded, that indo needs to be seedless
So you know I'm fiendin', now am I wrong for smokin' this on 'til the dawn?
? in infamy done brought me back the bomb, and it's on
So what I'm a do is I'm a twist it up and hit the sticky for you
Smoke and choke with II Tru - they keepin' it platinum
Makin' it happen for the Land, smokin' and movin' as we speak
Tryin' to teach the world to be a thug in harmony
*****, we keepin' the bomb-*** weed
Blaze it up, *****, what?
Mo Thugs is 'bout the music and bud, equal love

Can I blaze, man?
Pass me the Swisha, Optimo, Philly Blunt, or the House of Windsor
Twist ya head back, snap, crack, inhale the smoke
Then, pass it to the left, so the next man can toke
Loc, homie, I'm cool on that water
Just bring that sticky and this drink, do me fine, playa partner
Miss ***** the ****, 'cause you can't smoke for free
And naw, smokin' weed don't make a sister horny
Ignore the silly ones
Keep on thuggin' for life
Place the lighter to my blunt, 'cause it's time to get high

Call up my family, let 'em know the reason I blow
Celebration, we done slapped the platinum back at you hoes
So, you know it's on (it's on)
So, how my *****s had to show me, homie
I'm ****ed-up 'til the morning sunlight
Lick and twist another Swisha soon as I get up
And then right after breakfast puff another
Wonder if it's good for my health
'Cause ain't known a mutha****a that done O.D.'d on weed yet
So, bring your blunts and some Hen and some herb
My *****, **** what ya heard
My Mo Thug *****s splurge

Better learn to ? mo, much love
Got thousands from Cleveland to Cali
That's how we roll, follow 'em
Once humongous blow up even more, when we crash the show
We shuts 'em down underground, clown from town to town
Bring a box of fifty House of Windsors
We about to blaze this pound of the real sticky
Bum rush in my lungs with a cloud of smoke, puff 'em
'Bout ready to exhale before me mind blow
E-Z Wider, Swisha, or Philly, don't matter really
'Cause it smoke the same
You know the procedure: two hits, then pass to the left when we blazin'
All my trues who toke and roll in the Clair all day long
We some representers, bumpin' on these here thug songs


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