Who Sang New Breed of Female? II Tru

II Tru A New Breed of Female cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997-9-9
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap
length: 4:41
[Brina] (Jhaz)
New breed of female (The dopest females, know what's I'm sayin'?)
II Tru backdoor house in (II Tru, house), industry put on lock-down
Put on in perfect timin' (AJay, Mo Thug comin' at ya, Cleveland)

New breed of female you don't wanna see me
You don't wanna see me
II Tru get busy

New breed of female comin' at ya, industry put on lock-down
Never no disrespect, get with me
Watch sista clown on them hoes that know how I'm comin' for ya
Jealous of these figures that I'm bankin' goes
To show fools that a sista can wreck shop
Recognize who wear the drawers
Up this here game of flexin', I sport the balls

The cause, the envy, check the form of a new breed
Comin' at ya, feel the rapture, two females makin' Gs
Please respect the lady, I'm the new breed of female
Layin' down laws with these lyrics, got a new kind of clientel
Feel me, on another level, let a sista off in your mind
Hear II Tru record one time, and you'll be recitin' my rhymes

Never knew two females yet to come, real master of the place
It's Northcoast, sound drippin' from my mouthpiece
Gettin' in your system
'Bout to take control, fold other fools
That underestimate this sista strength in the business
Gifted skills for a lady in a man's world
I was meant to make millions
Triple platinum mission, II Tru's been gettin' up in this rap game
Maintainin' ain't no question, man
Understand how we playas be runnin' thangs.

[Chorus: Brina]
New breed of female, II Tru backdoor house in
Industry put on lock-down, put on in perfect timin'

You don't wanna see me
You don't wanna see me
II Tru get busy

All ye praise, please hear the queens of this rap shit
The dopest females
You don't wanna come flex with this Mo Thug click
Comin' up in the game, sick and tired of ghetto blues
Do what I gotta do
New breed of female, all hail, rap trio, II Tru
And I you bobbin' your head right now
Listenin' to the Jhaz, top class
New breed of female backdoor for your ass

Let's come in the door correct, been playas for too long
Recognize this playa's surperb
Ninety-six we's heard, and then at ya
Female Brina steppin' with much nerve
Hittin' any competitor's level, takin' underestimaters by surprise
Hope you realize some of your previous choices wasn't wise
I'm gifted, explicit lyrics flex up any style, no doubt
I call your bluff in a minute
New breed of females comin' out

Flippin' on both of us trues
Spittin' game to us like we fools
Ppset at the fact we flexin'
Handle our business better than the rest of you
Choose to steady flip my cheddar
What better for a woman to do?
Too weak to get with mama Jhaz
And the rest of her trues, fool
What you want me to do - test trues?
But on the real, do you think you can hang?
New breed of female comin' at ya
Handle our business in this rap game


Drop straight up cold, doubles for ya ?
And my mentality is crazy
Get 'em up, bring it it toe to toe, dog
Better respect these ladies
Straight classy on top of all this game that's comin' my way
A playa to the end, I hit levels to take your payday
Come around my way in this rap game
Females is takin' over, son
All about handlin' my business
Keepin' these bustas on the run

You said we wasn't gon' be nothin'
Word sure get around fast
How you feel?
II Tru on the top of the Billboard
Steady comin' up with new tracks
Macks, just turn up your volume
Listen close, understand these words
Rewind - listen one more time
Get the value this lesson's worth
I put in work, I deserve respect
Nonetheless, you wanna be foul
Meanwhile, let the music move you
And check the new breed of this female

I got this bang up for you
Once again, it's II Tru for the nine-seven
And never more females comin' at ya
Expect that you never know
What level my mental will come up with next
Constantly, trues servin' break
Mack-handin' these cluckas that goes up against the grain
Tryin' to test me?
Try, but you can feel me, how I'm comin'
Puttin' all of my peoples on the new breed vibe


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  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin