Who Sang Exodus? Iluvatar

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Release Date: 1993
length: 7:12
Oh, I remember,
When I first saw your eyes.
Not for me to hold,
For fear that I might break you.
I knew right then and there,
That you were the one,
To carry on the name for me.
Carry on the family.

But then the soldiers came.
They put the house in flames,
And sent us to the hills.
Your mother died protecting you,
She fell screaming my name,
And when it's late at night,
Before the morning light,
I wake at every sound.

I've got to get you through somehow,
It can't go on raining forever...
As the dawn breaks,
The border is ahead.
Just past the horizon.
I think that we might make it.
But it's not for me to know,
What's on the other side.
Stopped in my tracks,
By a child's gun...

Let it Rain, Let it Rain

CD 1
  • 1 Iluvatar
  • 2 In the Eye
  • 3 Eagle
  • 4 New Found Key
  • 5 Exodus
  • 6 Wait for the Call
  • 7 Dream Visage
  • 8 Marionette
  • 9 Emperor's New Clothes